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Success is about delivering Value.

Consider it done.
At XLNt Communication, all communication bases are covered. You may even find that some aspects, for which other companies charge you, are free at XLNt Communication. So next time you shop around for estimates, be sure to look at the total cost (the bottom line), and to compare that figure with our quote. You may be in for a pleasant surprise there…

Below please find an overview of the services XLNt Communication provides.


Owner’s manuals, ads, press releases, banners, product presentations, web sites, etc.


Any file format. No surcharge for “layout”, except when the original is based on poor formatting and therefore requires some touching up.
→ From: almost any language
→ Into: almost any language.

Video translation

We have been subtitling video footage for years and are aware of the challenges. We also know how to use the tools that speed up the process. And we can take care of voicer-overs.

Software localization

→ From: almost any language
→ Into: almost any language.
This also includes apps.


Before rolling out our own MT system, we gladly accept post-editing jobs to “humanize” machine translations originating from elsewhere.

Text fine-tuning

→ Almost any language
The number of linguistic infringements (not just occasional spelling mistakes) on web pages and in newsletters is skyrocketing, probably because more and more content is produced in-house. Such quirks should never see the light of day…

Client assistance

Explain to your project coordinator why some things don’t work and how to solve or bypass the problem to get the show on the road despite technical challenges.

Audio recording

Voice-overs, commercials, background music, etc.


Brochures, ads, manuals, CD/DVD covers, web pages, cards, POP/POS materials, T-shirts.

Font creation

For special symbols, corporate handling of certain concepts in print.


We also see to it that your paper documentation is printed (at excellent rates), shipped and/or mailed to its final destination and packaged according to your specifications.
DVD duplication, PDF distribution… you name it—we do it.