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Be prepared…

The miracles our clients expect from us really only come about when a project is well prepared. For the XLNt Communication team, this means that incoming files are checked for formatting quirks and unnecessary hard/soft returns before they are processed. Did you know that copying words or phrases from one InDesign file to another can cause each and every character to be <b>f</b><b>o</b><b>r</b><b>m</b><b>a</b><b>t</b><b>t</b><b>e</b><b>d</b>? Such formatting is usually invisible on the document page. But it is there. No machine or translation memory can see through such unnecessary code…

Nuts and bolts.

Translation memories and translation machines cannot make sense of incomplete sentences. Nothing is gained from stored material waiting to be recycled if the new source is composed of meaningless fragments.

Besides, languages that “think different” cannot possibly yield a coherent result, because concepts can only be shifted around in meaningful ways if the source is a complete sentence.

Since we often work into 25 languages, we know that quirks at the beginning of a project lead to fewer 100% matches and to 25 edits before final delivery. And to utterly useless machine translation. The source content needs to be checked and corrected beforehand.
And we do just that. Always.

Sending us sdxliff files (or other formats) won’t help, because they are already pre-segmented and often include such quirks. If we receive the source material, however, we can ensure maximum consistency and minimum cost.

This service is usually invisible to our customers: we hardly ever charge for it. Yet its impact on the invoice can be huge.

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