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Quality. Value. Expertise. 
On time. On budget. Served with a smile.

A premium content and language provider, XLNt Communication started out in 1995 serving a niche market: the electronic musical-instrument and pro audio industries. Obviously, our portfolio has expanded since. We’ll do anything to help our customer base (and pamper them with lightning-fast contract translations, for instance).

Most of our clients have been working with us for over 15 years, with second- and third-generation customers added as our clients' employees move on to other companies, or set up their own. Word of mouth has been working wonders for over two decades…

Our mission is crystal-clear: we want to help you open doors by approaching your audience with a smile and making a lasting, positive impact. We are famous for turning tech lingo into prose that sells and creates fans. That is precisely why we also work for big ad agencies.

Despite our use of CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) and other hi-tech gizmos for efficient and cost-effective content production, we know that you deserve better than the bare minimum. And we know that you need it by yesterday.

»What about our references?

Think big. Bigger… Think US, UK, Japan, Australia, Germany, Holland and France for MI, pro audio, DJ gear, and broadcast equipment. Household names, pioneers, trendsetters.

Think NGOs close to the powers that be in Brussels and Geneva.

No names, sorry, because discretion is important to us. But chances are somebody mentioned us at some stage in your career.

We are an ethically correct company.

An ethically correct company, XLNt Communication:

  • respects the work-life balance of its suppliers and employees;
  • never invokes unjustified quality issues to pay its suppliers (substantially) less than the agreed amount;
  • sticks with its suppliers while their quality and service remain at the agreed high level;
  • never uses suppliers whose sole “advantage” is that they are cheaper than others;
  • focuses on long-term relationships with its clients and suppliers.

Any cheaper will cost you dear™.

It’s a bit like cooking: most of us know how to boil an egg—but feeding a large audience takes special skills and techniques for a timely delivery, not to mention that “je ne sais quoi” that makes the dish palatable in the first place…

Oh and… the same person will still be working on your projects the day after tomorrow and be more consistent than any translation memory or asset management system can ever be. (Job hopping is all the rage at industrial providers, true to the “pay peanuts…” principle.)

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